Walnut Grove builds with sustainable, energy efficient materials, and now you can too! Whether you are a contractor, developer, or a homeowner looking to do-it-yourself, check out our building products depot over at our construction material distributor, Walnut Grove Energy!

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Our sustainable, energy efficient building materials will give you the proper foundation for all of your future building projects.

Insulated Concrete Forms

Walls, Flooring and Roofing

Insulated Concrete Forms are an excellent alternative for environmentally friendly and long-lasting buildings. There are several elements that make ICF a preferred choice for sustainable construction.

Waterproofing Solutions

Safeguard Your Home

We utilize advanced and environmentally friendly composite waterproofing barriers to safeguard your new or existing home. No matter what you’re up against…we’ve got you covered.


Keep Your Basement Dry

Our drainage systems seffectively collect and expel water away form the foundation, helping to ensure a dry, healthy basement for years to come.